My Favorite Photo
I took photo of a friend while traveling with her in Ireland. The photo displayed some abnormalities that were stunning mysterious. 

I think these days photographs are able to capture parts of our spirit bodies along with our physical bodies. These can be rainbows or lights and so many other things. 

In this video I talk about this photo I took a couple years ago. 

What does it mean?

I think my friend holds a high vibration and her home land of Ireland loves her very much. 


21 Day Marijuana Meditation Course


This is a 21 day course that will help you become a meditator. From here you will be so far ahead of the game and will likely not want to stop.

Coloring material
Marijuana (for week 3)

Week 1
Meditate for 3 minutes when you first get up and 4 minutes right before you go to sleep
During this time just watch your thoughts. What do you think about when you try to be still? When you think, take note what it was and push on the brake to stillness again.
Keep this up.

Week 2
meditate for 5 minutes when you first get up and 6 minutes before bed. Notice sensations that arise on your body. Itches, heat, cold, pain, breeze. Continue to observe thoughts and bring yourself back to stillness.

Draw the flower of life.
On a piece of paper write about how still your mind is. Write about how at peace you are within. Write about how aware you are and how you are discovering your own enlightenment.

On the back of the piece of paper draw the flower of life. Color it in with colors. Take your time with it. Notice how your drawing works and how it doesn’t.

How might your stillness be connected to your drawing?

By drawing the flower of life you will be calling in what you have written into reality. You will also be connecting your reality within to your reality without.

Week 3
Meditate for 10 minutes in the morning. In the evening before bed smoke a little marijuana just before your meditation and go for 10 minutes or more.

You will be amazed at how the concept of meditation will just click after working at it for two weeks and then bringing in plant teachers to help you fill in the blanks.

If you regularly smoke marijuana it is best that you refrain from using it during these three weeks except for during your meditations during the third week.

Without question, After these 21 days you will know why meditation is the key to enlightenment. You will have learned how to silence your mind. Your silent mind will become your greatest piece of technology.

A silent mind can cure the body of any disease.

This will be the beginning to a whole new life.

Hope to hear back from some who give it a try.

Me We


If you can identify someone in your life that you can offer forgiveness to you are very lucky. Right now the universe is showing us the way to go and how to be in the new world of love and light. Forgiveness is about the best and most productive thing anyone can do. If there is a relationship in your field you can heal with forgiveness you are holding some of the most powerful pieces on the planet. Those who have the ability to forgive and choose to forgive are the heroes of the day. That simple act brings in massive amount of light and healing to the entire planet.

If you could see the ripple effect an act of forgiveness has you would be astounded. It is more important than anything that is happening in politics ill tell you that. If you have a choice to vote or go reconcile with someone with love and forgiveness pick love and forgiveness every time.

I am searching for opportunities to forgive and heal relationships. As I wrote that sentence I just found one. Yes!!!!

My older brother. I stayed at his house a last summer. He said some things to me that were very hurtful. Even though they hurt I see his wisdom now. I have never spoken to him of this. He even showed up in a dream and apologized to me in the dream. I will write him a letter and say I am sorry and ask for his forgiveness. He may have said some things that hurt but underneath all the insults and hurtful words he was offering sound advice.

I figure in any damaged relationship, no matter how innocent I am, there is always something I can find to apologize for. For me to apologize and take responsibility is always the best. I can always take responsibility for something. If I can take responsibility for any part I can take responsibility for all of it. There is no condemnation for us. We only condemn ourselves when we hold on to resentment.

I just got another!

If I choose to blame someone else for something that I am mad at I give them all the power. I say, “you did this and by doing it you caused me this suffering because you have the power to make me suffer.” Really? Something can make me suffer? Am I sure about that? No, I think I will reconsider.

I am responsible for all that I create in my reality. By accepting full responsibility I can heal. If I can heal all of it just as easy as some of it why would I want to hand some of it over to someone else and say, “here, you heal this and I’ll heal that. It’s only fair.” HA fair.

Or, “you heal this part because you should learn too.” Really, I am that certain that I can dictate what this other should do when I am responsible?

I just thought of another person I can offer concessions too.

Here I am dreaming of these huge ideas to change the world when I have relationships I can heal that are so close to me.

My brother

I have 4 people I can have healing conversations with tomorrow.

Life is good

That dream of yours will come true


What ever your dream is, no matter how big or small you can create it by taking tiny steps. Steps so small they seem silly. But the point is you are making steps.

I have been shown the power of the universe to support me in my dreams. It is overwhelming. So much love and support I feel like I want to go hide under a rock. I have wanted to create huge endeavors bigger than I can hold. The universe has brought me everything I need to make these happen over and over again. I was taking huge steps and I kept falling down and dropping all the pieces.

I would look back sad and say sorry. The universe would say, “it’s ok. Nothing was wasted. Lessons were learned. Let us know what you need next.”
It is unbelievable what we can manifest if we believe and ask from a place of belief.

Here is a very practical way of proving this to yourself.

Write out your dream big or small on a piece of paper. Take it to the forest and color it. Put flowers around it. Dance around it. Sing to it. Then bury it next to a tree. Every day for 7 days come back to this tree and ask for help making your dream come true.

Pay attention. I promise you magical things will start to happen right away to make your dream come true. Once you notice you will realize the kind of treasure available to you. Forget about what you deserve. If you are here and you are reading this and you actually do this you deserve all the blessing that will come to you. Don’t doubt yourself.

Once you experience it you will know. Then the game becomes how to work with the universe to actually make your dream happen. You may have to let go of some things. You may have to take a risk.

You will start learning to be a creator on earth. Heaven is here right now and we are going to build it. We have been given the tools and we just don’t know how to use them yet. We will soon and when we do…Oh my God is it going to be fun!

It can be a little frustrating trying to learn how to manifest. I feel like I am operating a bull dozer with no instructions. I am trying though and I am being successful.

For whatever reason it doesn’t seem to work with money for me. I think it might be because money is something that once you have it, it’s no longer about manifestation because everyone comes for money. I get that money may be being kept away from me so I can learn to create without it.

Like I said I am still learning how to put the pieces together. But all the parts show up there is absolutely no question about that.

Let the parts show up for you. When they do give it a try putting them together. Or once you know it works walk away from the parts and try something else.

It works. I promise.

I really want to complete something so I am working on small steps now. I know I could probably figure out the big stuff but I want some success in putting something little together.

Writing a book
Teaching a class
Making videos

It’s all fun.