Why Am I fasting on Magic Mushrooms

My 10 Day Magic Mushroom Fast

I have decided to embark on a journey. Today I will start a 10 day fast where I will eat nothing except magic mushrooms. I plan on eating various amounts from day to day depending on what I am feeling. Most days I only plan on eating them once but we shall see. Perhaps I will find myself eating them at various times throughout the day.

Along with eating magic mushrooms I will be drinking tea and lemon water.

Why I am fasting on Magic Mushrooms?

Radiolab recently did an episode on Bliss. The last part of this part of this episode they talked about an experiment where participants were given Psilocybin or magic mushrooms. One of the participants who was interviewed spoke about his life altering experience. For those who took part in the experiment talked about on Radiolab, their experience had a dramatic effect on their life where 9 out of 10 of the participants who were given magic mushrooms went on to become ministers. I found this fascinating.

We are told by our health experts that taking psychedelic plants are harmful to our health. I think this is a lie. I think psychedelic plants when used consciously for personal growth may just lead the next stage of human evolution. We shall see and I will use myself as a test subject.

I have worked with magic mushrooms over the last year. When I take them I spend most of the time in nature and in meditation. The experiences I have had are beyond words but I am going to try to put them into words.

I am convinced that working with these plants in a conscious and intentional way is one way that humans will be evolving. I hope that by eating only mushrooms over the next 10 days I will be given greater insight on how to use them for my own evolution.

It is 10:16am on Tuesday May 14th I am staying in a cabin deep in the woods with a river right outside my back door. I couldn’t have picked a more beautiful spot. I am about to take my first dose of about two grams. I don’t know how this journey will unfold, how often I will post, or what exactly I will be posting. But I hope that it is not only fun, educational, and enlightening for me, but for all who end up reading about my journey.

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11 thoughts on “Why Am I fasting on Magic Mushrooms

  1. “We are told by our health experts that taking psychedelic plants are harmful to our health. I think this is a lie. I think psychedelic plants when used consciously for personal growth may just lead the next stage of human evolution.”

    I’m not saying I don’t agree with you here, but by doing this fast you aren’t doing anything accept fuck with your brain (a thing that has been proven to happen with this kind of irresponsible use of psychedelics).

    This entire thing is also super pretentious just purely because you are trying to be all insightful and profound over what is essentially drug abuse.

    Please stop this, its pretentious fucks like you that attach this negative stigma to what is a great thing.

    • Hi There Ryan. Thanks for stopping by. I hear what you are saying but I believe you have misjudged me and what I am doing.

      I would say that getting a tattoo is fucking with your body. But I would say that fucking with your body with thought and intention can create some beautiful living works of art. By working with mushrooms in this way you might say I am, “Fucking with my brain.” However, I believe I know what I am doing and I am creating a new form of living art. I could be wrong but I have a very big hunch that I am not. If I am wrong I will be the first to say that you are right my friend. Here is to hoping I am right :)

  2. I think this is a brilliant idea. I had a sub-threshold dose not too long ago, that taught me that there is much more to this than a full-blown trip. I am intrigued that similar tryptamine-based compounds have been marketed as anti-migraine agents, anti-depressants, and nootropics by the pharmaceutical industry. When I was younger, I was taught that mushrooms of the psilocybe variety were poisonous. I know this is a lie, and I have learned through experience and research that psilocybe nausea is a direct result of the active compounds, which is why most people who throw up do so during the approach to the peak +/-15 + 30 minutes after dosing. They say the Mazatapecs in Mexico take the mushrooms throughout the 2-3 month rainy season, often on consecutive days, so it is not like this process is without precedent.

    • Hey Apteryx
      Thanks for reading my work. I am glad you are intrigued. I am too. I am always learning. It sounds like you are spot on with your ideas about mushrooms. Since starting the fast I have found others who have used small doses of magic mushrooms to combat depression and other issues like it. I think mushrooms may be a great natural cure for issues like depression.

      I know medicine men and women use ayahuaska to cure depression and all kinds of ailments but I hadn’t heard about mushrooms working the same way until now.

      I didn’t throw up or even feel sick on mushrooms even once during my fast. One time I was eating them too fast without chewing them enough and a clump came up. But that was different. I think if someone can fast while on mushrooms it will help with sickness.

      Also I am a vegan and although I cannot say for sure I believe that a vegetarian / vegan diet is optimal for working with plant medicines.

      Ayahuaska is known to cause purging and vomiting for those who drink it. I have drank ayahuaska over 40 times and have only purged a little bit one time. Again I am convinced that part of the reason for this is because of my diet. But it’s also because of my state of mind. I trust these plant medicines like they are family and so no matter what is happening for me while under the influence I always know that I am safe and well cared for. This mindset I have found to help me more than anything else not only with plant medicine work but also in everyday life. It is simple trust in the universe but gaining that trust will allow you to travel anywhere with these plants.

      Thank you for your comment and for reading my blog.

      • Hi! Im very interested in these magic mushrooms. I’ve been needing a revival and this is a possibly life changing experience for the greater good of my life. I’m curious where to get these mushrooms. Can i get them online or do i scavenge for them? I live in South Florida (USA) and its starting to become rainy season and mushrooms seem to be all over the place now. Im not very familiar with what they look like or where to find them. Might you be able to give me some advise or direct me to a website that talks about the mushrooms, where to look, to distinguish the kinds of mushrooms, etc. Your other blog updates on this matter are rather unique and i am very much looking forward to trying these! Thank you for taking the time to read this!

      • Thanks for reading the blog.

        I recommend this website.


        It has a good message board and you can probably find a lot of answers there. Glad to hear you feel inspired to explore your relationship with mushrooms. I am sure it will bring you more than you can ask for or imagine.

      • It never fails to amaze me. The way in which my conciousness is the creator of all matter within our spectrum. Law of attraction is very interesting and I tested the theory several different ways. One of which was mushrooms. Fell into my lap out of the blue. I am on day 2 of a week long camping trip. Me, a tent, and two oz of cubes. In Wyoming, and lemme tell you, the galctic equator will blow your mind the first time you can watch it roll over the sky while lying on the ground. Love the energy you have, enlighten the world my friend.

      • You get it. There is so much to discover. Thank you for listening. Let us enlighten the world together by whole heartedly being who we are with no apologies.

        Have an amazing journey my friend. Let it never end :)

      • Hey Man, you should fast, it is easier on your gut, you wont be as bloated, and more comfortable, it is easier to purge if need be, dont be afraid, also, in the native american church, we fast because we dont want to mix tyramine and triptamines,(of course natives didnt know this, they learned it). Yes, always fast. One of the reasons you can have a bad trip is eting unhealthy food before eating shrooms. Make an offering of food at the end of the ceremony, and some tobbacco, and eat healthy afterwards.

      • I agree. Fasting is where it’s at when it comes to working with these plants. I don’t plan on eating mushrooms unless I have been fasting. I have tried both since my 10 day fast. Fasting puts me in a state where there is no distractions and I am fully ready to receive instruction.

        Thank you for your comment

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